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"The strawberry orange made my skin feel so soft! I can't wait to try more. "


"I don't normally use any product on my face besides hot water, bar soap made my face feel so clean and moist afterwards. I'll definitely be back."


"I love my strawberry goat's milk soap with poppy. It made my skin feel amazing and love is well."


"My favorite so far is the oatmeal bar. We love it and left my skin feeling smooth, along with the butter body cream. 

My daughter loves her soap as well, she uses the goodnight bar. I have excema so the oatmeal bar is good for my skin."


"I love the soaps I bought, the oatmeal bar and turmeric is amazing! The dark spots i had on my nose and jaw line are completely gone. Heaven sent! Amazing product. If anyone is hesitant please don’t be you will be so happy! I am very picky when it comes to my skin since it’s so sensitive but I have not seen a break out since using and see and feel the difference."


" I have psoriasis and the soothing bar has worked miracles for me!" 


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Facebook: DaJa Handmade Soaps